Outdoor Storage Shed Can Have Eye Appeal

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Where can you store the overflow of items in your house or garage? What about an outdoor storage shed which can have eye appeal? It seems like a good solution to your need for more room without building an addition, which could be expensive.

Check Building Codes

Before you go ahead with your plans to build your outdoor building, contact your local building codes department. You may or may not need a building permit.

First, you need to know, according to local codes and building regulations, if you have the right to build an outdoor storage shed on your property. Even if you can, there may be some guidelines and/or restrictions that you will be required to follow. They might be:

  • Type of building and size
  • Location on your property
  • Distance from property lines or other buildings
  • Type of foundation
  • Maybe other things

Sometimes there are subdivision restrictions and/or easements on your deed. So that is another matter to check.

Also, you may want to be a good neighbor, like discussing where the building is going to be located. Don’t want to cause unnecessary conflicts by blocking view or sunlight, etc.

Names of an Outdoor Storage Shed

The intended purpose of your shed, its architecture, and its location on your property will influence your name for it. Also, the same shed in different parts of this country may be referred to differently.

If you walk around your neighborhood or city, you will see many different types, styles, shapes of outdoor sheds. You, yourself, will automatically refer to them by different names. The same is true when you drive through the rural areas.

We are all familiar with the names of outdoor storage sheds whether we realize that they come under the classification of a shed. Some examples are:

  • Dog House which is built for our family pet to have as his private domain.
  • Gazebo which is another building that we may build for enjoying hobbies, relaxing, or entertaining family and friends. Some are elaborate. Have a long history.
  • Wooden storage shed is built for special purposes or utilitarian, easily customized. And naturally it is constructed of some type of wood. Can be very beautiful.
  • Garden shed can be one near the garden. Sometimes it is a multipurpose building.
  • Greenhouse is usually thought of as a building for growing vegetables, flowers, year around or almost year around. Usually, it will have multiple windows for sunlight. Some are rather large, even with watering systems built in, as well as heat, etc.
  •  Pool houses for convenience of keeping pool accessories, as well as changing rooms, showers and other features.
  •  Firewood storage sheds, as its name indicates, it is for preserving and protecting your firewood from the elements, as well as ready to transport inside for use.
  • Carports and garages are often referred to as sheds. They protect our vehicles and other items from the weather and also make them secure.
  • Bicycle shed is handier and more secure for your bicycles rather than standing them alongside the house, apartment or garage.
  • Rural areas may need different sheds than found in the urban areas.

The ones mentioned above are just a few of the many buildings that we will be writing about in future articles.

Methods and Types of Construction

In past centuries most sheds would have been built either of wood, such as pine, cedar, redwood, or brick or rock. But today we also have types of heavy plastic referred to as resin.

Wood is still a great choice, especially if you are building it yourself from plans. It has many benefits and easy to customize, alter, or repair.

Easy to assemble kits are available for wooden sheds and metal sheds. Just follow the instructions for assembling all the parts and pieces contained in the package.

Resin or plastic sheds come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. And they are designed for many uses. They have their benefits too.

There are sheds that already built for many uses and in many sizes that you can purchase to be delivered to your site.

You can always have one built to your specifications by a carpenter or contractor.

Review of the Above Material

An outdoor storage shed can provide space for hobbies, family fun, relaxation, entertainment, and a place to keep items pertaining to each of these. Also, it can hve eye appeal and blend in with your landscape and surrounding buildings.

Once your back or side yard shed, no matter its descriptive name, is in place you will wonder how you ever got along without it. Use it and enjoy it.

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