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Protecting your bicycles from the weather elements and being targets of theft is very important. A bike shed for your bikes is the answer to outdoor storage. You can easily purchase or build one.

Thieves know the value of bicycles. They can easily resell them. So let’s protect them.


Bicycles are very important worldwide. In some areas they are the main means of transportation. They are always very popular for recreational purposes.

As a child, getting their first bicycle was a big event. It would be ridden for fun, play, getting to school or to see a friend or family members.

Nowadays, racing is popular. Many ride for fitness. But many police departments and courier services use them.


The one we always remember is that first one. Didn’t matter if it was new or used, plain or fancy, it was ours.

There are many other types designed and built over the decades. Some of the common types are:

  • utility
  • mountain
  • racing
  • touring
  • bmx

Some of the less common types are:

  • tandems
  • lowriders
  • tall bikes
  • fixed gear
  • folding models
  • amphibious
  • recombent

Why a Bike Shed for Bikes

Most families or individuals have a sizeable investment in their bikes. You can better protect that investment by having a specific space for them. This shed should:

  • Protect them from the elements
  • Make them more secure
  • Be handy and easy to use
  • Have adequate space for now and for any future purchases
  • Accommodate accessories
  • Provide the ability to do maintenance and repairs, if desired

Doesn’t it seem more practical to have a designated space for them?

Decades ago, in a different time, everyone put their bicycle on the porch, along side the house or garage, or wherever there was space. Doing so today would be like inviting a thief to take your possessions.

Planning Is Required

A shed is not going to magically appear. Planning is required whether you purchase:

  • A shed made of wood, resin or plastic, or metal
  • A kit to assemble yourself
  • Plans to build yourself or hire a contractor

After you have acquired pertinent information, you will need to made decisions which is all part of planning.

Building Codes

Are you able to erect any additional buildings on your property other than the original buildings?

You will need to check with the local building codes department. And also that check the subdivision by-laws.

If you can, are there any restrictions that you need to abide by?

Location, Type and Style

The type and location of this housing will depend on several factors, such as the available space.

Bicycle storage shed
Bicycle storage shed

A free-standing building will require a certain amount of space that is easily accessible when you desire to use your bike.

If it is a lean-to type of facility, it would need to be placed alongside a building such as your house, garage, other storage building or fence.

Style is influenced by the other buildings in the surrounding landscape. That would include such details as the design, roof, material it is made from, windows, door, and color


Some things to consider before you build or purchase a bike shed for bikes are:

  • Number of spaces needed now
  • Will you need more spaces in the future
  • What would be the ideal space to allow for walking around the bikes. Probably, you will want to do maintenance and repairs in this same building
  • What about racks, shelving or hooks for accessories or extras

Additional Custom Features

Any custom features should be considered at this time. It is easier to incorporate them at the beginning rather trying to add them at a later time.

Some things you may have considered are:

  • Type and size of door
  • Electrical outlets
  • Special shelving
  • Lighting
  • Benches or tables
  • Ramps for easy access
  • Security features
  • Maybe heating or cooling

Ways to Acquire a Building

There are several ways to get the building you need. You can purchase one that is already built. You would have a selection of wood, metal or resin (plastic) sheds.

Shed kits are available to be assembled. They would contain all the materials and assembly instructions.

Bike shed plans are readily available. You could then build it yourself or have it built. You would be able to add custom features very easily.

Here is another very good idea that might work for you. Some people remodel an existing garden or storage shed to accommodate their bicycles.

Review of This Article

We have provided you with information on ways to protect your bicycles. You have an investment whether you have one or more. A secure outdoor storage shed for your bikes would do that.

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