Build A Dog House For Your Pet

Dog with New Family 2

Getting a dog is a special event for the members of the family. And it is natural to decide to build a dog house for your pet. Your pet needs its own place to retreat to when family life gets to hectic. It could be outside or inside, but it is its place.

Ways to Build a Dog House

You have some choices as to the way you provide your pet with its own special home. In any case, it is a fun and exciting project in which every member can participate from the youngest to the oldest.

Build It From Plans:  We assume that you will be purchasing plans and that it will be constructed from wood. And that this is a do-it-yourself project from start to finish.  It is the most time consuming method.  You would be working from plans, which you either designed or purchased.

This way involves studying the plans. Purchasing the materials needed for this project. The lumber would then have to be marked and cut to the sizes specified. Next, you will be assembling all parts in the proper sequences, following the instructions of your plans.

Knowledge of reading and deciphering plans or blueprints, using power or hand tools, and carpentering would be very helpful. Since tools are used, if you do not have them, you might need to borrow, rent or purchase them. Precautions would need to be taken in the use of tools.

Dog House Kits: This is another option, which would be much less involved, at least time wise. There are different sizes, styles and materials available. Kits contain all the materials and instructions to assemble them.

Custom Dog House: Have a carpenter or contractor build it to meet your specifications.

Purchasing Dog Houses: They are available from several sources. You will find them constructed in various sizes, styles, materials, for different climates, and for outside or inside use. It appears that many of them are shipped to you in pre-assembled sections. Upon their arrival, you just need to assemble them according to the accompanying instructions. Although, some are a completely assembled, ready to use when they arrive.


Where are you going to locate your pet’s outdoor house, in the yard or on the patio? Your dog needs to be able to get in and out of it easily. Also, the opening needs to be protected from wind and rain.

Nowadays, a pet owner can even have an indoor dog house. It can be a separate house or a special spot constructed by or inside a piece of furniture for your dog.

Some dogs like to be outside part of the day and inside other times. So you can easily provide for comfort for your pet whether it is inside or outside.


Your pet’s size determines whether it is going to be a small, a large, or an extra large house. Your dog should be comfortable when he stands up, turns around or lies. Remember, this is your pet's retreat, the place he brings his toys, treats, etc to enjoy at his leisure.

By the way, if you have more than one pet and they are going to be sharing the same space, there are plans for a double size. Also, you are able to purchase a double dog house in which more than one dog can be comfortable.

Building Materials

When anyone thinks of building a dog house, it is natural to think of wood. It is preferable for a do-it-yourself project, but there are other materials too.

If you are purchasing a kit or one that is pre-assembled, you will have choices of different types of wood, plastic or vinyl.

Entrance and Exit

Another very important feature is the entrance and exit. Although, we immediately think this opening should be in the center of one end (front), but that is not necessarily so. Actually, if the opening is to one side of the center, it will afford more protection from the elements.

The size of the opening for your pet to enter and exit will depend on the size of your dog. Your dog should be able to enter and exit easily without scrunching up his body to do so.


Now, let's consider the style of the dog house. There are many choices. Is there a style that you feel blends with house or landscape?

Consider the style of the roof. Would a flat or slanted roof be best? Or would your pet prefer to lie on a roof where he can relax nap, eat, play with toys, and observe the outdoor activities?

Additional Features to Consider

Before you erect a house for your dog , consider any additional features that would be beneficial to your pet's comfort or make it easier to keep it clean and dry.

Depending on the climate, does it need to be insulated for warmth in cold weather or to help keep it cool in warm weather? Do you need to consider adding a heater? Also, it is a good idea to have the floor a few inches above the ground, maybe on legs.


When you decide to build a dog house for your pet, you will discover that it is a fairly simple project to tackle. But even though it is simple, there are several things that you will need to consider. We have tried to provide you with helpful information in regards to factors you will be considering and deciding.

After you have considered your options, we are confident you will decide what is best for your pet and your family. Your dog doesn’t care if you build his house from plans, assemble it from a kit, or have it built. Nor, he doesn’t care if it is located outside or inside.

But know that your dog will be happy with his own house!