Build A Greenhouse Shed

First of all, we are not talking about building a house that we are planning to paint green. When researching information on how to build a greenhouse shed, you will see reference to it being called a glasshouse.

The roof and sides of a greenhouse shed are usually constructed of glass or a heavy plastic.  This retains the solar heat from the sun as well as provide light for the plants. In extremely hot climates you may desire to have shades for the side panels to help control.  Otherwise, you might get too much heat trapped inside.

Primarily, we think of a greenhouse as a controlled climate for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits year around.  Sometimes, they are used to extend the growing season--beginning the spring season early and having the fall season extend longer.

Gardening is enjoyed by many people. To extend their gardening seasons they build a greenhouse shed or maybe they just want to enjoy it throughout the year. You have to admit, that we all enjoy fresh produce from our home garden no matter the season. Think of all the people who create indoor window shelf arrangements where they can grow their herbs.  Who doesn't get a thrill from harvesting their own herbs, as needed, when cooking.

A greenhouse does provide a controlled climate. And some flowers and plants require that if that is your passion.

Another benefit of a greenhouse is that many pests have to remain on the outside. You won't find moles, deer, rabbits, gophers, birds inside.  Personally, my last gardens were invaded by roaming cats.  And there did not seem to be much I could do about it.

There are several factors to consider before you build a greenhouse shed. How much gardening will you be doing in it?  What size, how many plants and their requirements as to light, heat, water and the space?  Is this just to extend your growing season or is it going to be year around? Or maybe you specialize in a certain plant; if so, what do you require for this passion?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will have a basis to determine what you need when you build a greenhouse shed.  Is it going to be a free-standing building or a lean-to attached to the side of the house or garage?  How much space do you have for it?  Will you be able to put in a open, sunny space with good drainage?  Will it be convenient for your use and an opening large enough for a wheelbarrow if you need to use one?

These are just a few things to think about as you get ready to build a greenhouse shed for your gardening enjoyment.

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