Metal Storage Shed Requires Assembly for Fast Solution to Storage Problem

Do you have an urgent storage problem?  Do you need a fast solution that is easy on the budget?  You can solve your problem quickly with a metal storage shed kit.  And, if needed, you can add a floor foundation kit.  They will require some assembly, but it is fairly easy and doesn’t require much time.

Metal Storage Shed Benefits

Metal building kits have many benefits that you may not think of at first.  They are:

  • Inexpensive compared to other outdoor storage sheds.
  • Resistant to fire, mold, rot, termites, to name a few things
  • Easy to assemble, especially for a do-it-yourselfer
  • Available in many sizes and colors
  • Choice of styles
  • Can be padlocked for security
  • Can be anchored for added stability
  • Can repaint, if every need to

Floor Foundation

Metal outdoor storage kits do not come with floors.  You should purchase a floor foundation kit appropriate for the shed.  The kit will contain materials and step-by-step instructions along with diagrams to set up your floor correctly.

Building Our Outdoor Metal Storage Shed

More than a decade ago we found ourselves in an urgent need of additional storage.  We didn’t have the time to build a wooden storage shed like we really desired.  Our van, recently purchased at that time, had to be housed in the garage before winter.  But the garage was overflowing with tools and other items that also needed to be kept in a dry, clean place.

We purchased a small 8 x 6 Arrow metal shed kit plus an appropriate kit for the floor foundation.  And had it delivered.  These boxes were too large for our van.

We opened each kit and checked the materials list to be sure all items were included.  We did this before we began to assemble any part of it.  Everything was included.  Next, we studied the instructions carefully.

With the two of us working together, we had the floor and shed kits assembled and ready for use in a couple of days.  We also anchored it, as suggested in the instructions.

Now, nearly 20 years later, it is still sturdy, but could use a touch up with a little pant in a couple of areas.  It has survived through some major wind storms and heavy snows that have occurred over the years.

Our Only Problem

It is possible to dent a metal shed, but not too likely.

One day, when I wasn’t being careful, I really rammed the lawnmower into an outside corner so hard that it left a dent.

We haven’t had any wind problems.  Maybe that is because we anchored it well, as instructed.

Tools Required

The things we used were screwdrivers, hammer, square, level, utility knife and scissors, tape measure, pliers, goggles, work gloves, wrench, handsaw, ladder, string and chalk.  True, you might want to use an electric or cordless drill which would make it easier when putting in all the bolts, screws and nuts.

You probably have most of these common household tools on hand already.

Locating Metal Sheds for Sale

The Ebay online site seems to have a large selection of metal sheds for sale.  They range from small to very large.  Also, there are choices of colors, styles, brands and prices ranging from cheap to more expensive.  Corresponding floor foundation kits are available for the different brands and sizes.


We also found a large selection on the Home Depot website.  These are just a few places you will find these shed kits.


A simple solution to your storage problem is erecting a metal shortage shed from a kit, plus the floor kit, if needed.  It can be accomplished within a few days.  Probably using tools you already have on hand.  And the cost should not break the budget.

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