Proper Firewood Storage Is Important To Prevent Problems

Proper Firewood Storage is important to prevent problems. It is no fun to handle firewood that is moldy, rotting or has crumbling bark. So, now is the time to prevent this from happening.

This picture shows what happens to improperly stored firewood.
Wood pile

Prevent Problems

When firewood is lying on the ground, it can become wet or damp, moldy and rotten. When this has happened, you usually get dirty carrying wood to the fireplace area. You may have a continuous chore of keeping the area around the fireplace clean, because the bark falls off easily. Not only that, but it does not burn as efficiently.

In fact some people keep a hand vac or Dustbuster plugged into an electrical outlet near the fireplace. These tools will stay charged, ready to use, as needed, to tidy the area of bark debris. Sometimes a broom and dustpan are required for the cleanup for larger pieces of fallen bark.

Having to clean up loose, crumbling pieces of firewood bark can be a good incentive to keep the firewood off the ground. And also to give it proper protection from the wet weather elements.

Damp wood will not burn well. Also, it is difficult to get the fire started. Once it is started the wood doesn't want to stay burning.

Stack Firewood

Firewood should always be stacked so that it is not touching the ground. This will prevent the lower levels of wood from becoming damp. Also, it should be stacked so that the ends of wood are exposed. Then the air can circulate around the ends. Stacked this way, the wood should dry properly.

Note: Don't mix green (unseasoned) and dried (seasoned) firewood. You will want to be able to use the dried firewood first, leaving the green wood to dry for the next heating season.

Cover Firewood

Another factor in proper firewood storage is a cover. A cover will protect your wood from the weather elements, such as rain and snow. Once it is dry, you want to keep it that way until you are ready to burn it.

Proper Firewood Storage Summary

Storing your firewood in a proper manner should prevent these problems. Naturally, a specific shed in which you store your firewood would be ideal. But, at least store it off the ground and stacked properly with a cover over it.

If you should decide that a shed is right for you, it would be easy to build one from shed plans or to assemble one from a firewood shed kit. The size would depend on your wood supply for this season plus the space to store green firewood to dry for next season.

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