Wooden Storage Shed Construction

Until recently, wood was the predominant material for shed construction. Today a wooden storage shed is often visible in yards whether in the city or country. The design and size of the building will depend on its purpose and location.

Benefits of a Wooden Storage Shed

Building a Wooden Storage Shed
Building a Wooden Storage Shed

There are numerous benefits in building a shed out of wood.

RENEWABLE: Since wood is a renewable product, it is good for the environment. You are not limited to just one type of lumber. It is a practice of some lumber companies to replant seedlings after they have harvested the mature trees in a forest.

CUSTOM DESIGNS OR PLANS: Easy to find designs or plans that can be customized to suit your needs. And a wooden shed is easy to remodel or repair in the future, should your needs change.

DIY PROJECT: If you have time and desire, you can build a wooden shed yourself. In fact, it can be a good family project, like having a barn raising in years past.

Getting Ready to Build a Wooden Storage Shed

BUILDING PERMITS: Check with your local Building Code Department to see if you need a permit. They can issue a building permit, if it is needed. Also, ask about any building restrictions. Inquire about the type of foundation that may be required for sheds.

For your information, some Subdivision Associations have restrictions in deeds that prohibit erecting additional buildings on property within their bounds. Good idea to inquire here too.

LOCATION: How much space do you have for a shed? Is it a fairly level area? Do not put it in the path of rain runoff or drainage. Will it fit in with the surroundings, such as the landscape, garden, other buildings, etc?

Answers to these questions can affect the size and style of the building you plan to erect.

DESIGN: Now, you are ready to decide what your building will look like. This is your custom wooden storage shed. It can have custom features now and possibly add more in the future.

PLANS OR BLUEPRINTS OF YOUR DESIGN: You will need a blueprint of your planned custom shed to follow during its construction. You can purchase plans. Some people have the knowledge and experience to draw their own plans.

Ways to Build

Attaching sides to the Foundation
Attaching sides to the Foundation

BUILD YOUR OWN SHED: This method requires the most time. Also, you would be using tools, such as saws, hammers, maybe drills. Some of them may be power tools. If you do not already have them, you would need to borrow, rent or buy them. There is always the concern for the safety of the persons assisting you. Sometimes you will need the help of a second person.

Once you have purchased plans, or drawn your own plans, you need to purchase all the materials required. Then, the wood will need to be marked and cut to size. The next step will be constructing the sections and erecting them, following the instructions in the plans.

But first of all, you will need to build a foundation for your wooden shed. The plans should contain this information. Did the Building Codes Department give you any specific instructions for a foundation?

KITS: Wood or wooden shed kits can save you considerable time and energy. All the materials are included in the kit. Also, all the pieces of wood will already be cut to size. Just follow their instructions and you will soon have your custom shed in place.

PURCHASE A WOODEN SHED: You can find in the marketplace wooden storage sheds that meet your needs.

CUSTOM BUILT: Contact a builder, provide your custom plans and blueprints. Your custom wooden storage shed will be constructed and erected in your designated location.
This will take the least amount of time, but it will probably cost the most.


We have outlined what is involved in erecting a wooden storage shed. Whichever method you choose to acquire your shed, you will make an excellent addition to your property.

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